Mark Yarrow

University of Sheffield

University Education

University of Sheffield, Ph.D. in Applied Probability '15-'19.
        The use of stochastic analysis on preferential attachment graphs and other related random networks under the          supervision of Dr Jonathan Jordan.
University of Essex, M.Sc. in Discrete Mathematics '14-'15.
University of Chester, B.Sc. in Mathematics '11-'14.
Employment History
Associate Lecturer of Mathematics and Statistics, Sheffield Hallam University                               Jan '19 -
        Written and delivered lectures to mathematics undergraduates. Delivered tutorials, workshops and computer            labs to engineering undergraduates. Returning marked work with personalised feedback.
Mathematics and Statistics Support Tutor, University of Sheffield, Mathematics and Statistics Help Centre   Sep '16 -
        Tutor students and research staff from across the university on a range of topics in mathematics. This done          by way of scheduled appointments, workshops or drop in sessions.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Sheffield, School of Mathematics and Statistics                  Sep '15 -
        Lead tutorial demonstrator: MAS113 Probability and Statistics, MAS156 Mathematics for aerospace engineers            and MAS275 Probability Modelling. Assistant tutorial demonstrator and assignment marker: MAS223 Statistical          Inference and Modelling, MAS110/111 Core Mathematics and Linear Algebra MAS211.
Data Analyst, Chester business park, Sewells Business Consultants                                       May - Oct '13
       Analysing internally collected data reports as well as identifying trends in client feedback to improve               courses offered by the company.
  • J. Haslegrave, J. Jordan & M. Yarrow. "Condensation in preferential attachment models with location-based choice" 2018. arXiv: 1806.10959. Article accepted for publication.
  • Boris Brimkov, Ken Duna, Leslie Hogben, Kate Lorenzen, Carolyn Reinhart, Sung-Yell Song, and Mark Yarrow. “Graphs that are cospectral for the distance laplacian” 2018. Article on arXiv: 1812.05734. Article submitted for publication.
  • Arne Grauer, Jonathan Jordan, Lukas Luchtrath. “A generalized degree distribution of preferential attachment models with location-based choice” 2019. Article on arXiv: 1905.08481. Article submitted for publication.
Current and Past Grants
  • LMS Undergraduate Mathematics Society Grant                                                          Mar '19
  • Heilbronn Focused Research Grant                                                                     Jan '19
  • LMS Postgraduate Research Conference Grant - Scheme 8                                                Jun '18
  • Galton Institute Conference/Workshop Grant                                                           Nov '17
Research Visits
  • University of Cologne, Köln, Germany                                                           15-21 Jan ’19
  • Iowa State University, Ames, United States of America                                           21-1 Jun ‘18
Lecturing, Supervision and Course Design
Mathematics and Statistics in Action Project 3: second year module taken by 82 maths students.
      I wrote and delivered a mini lecture course on the application of complex networks to real world systems. The        examination for 75% of this project was that of a group review of a scientific article based on an application        of preferential attachment. The final 25% of the assessment was based on individual reflective journal entries.
      Mathematics and Data Modelling Section 1:  First year module taken by 140 engineering students.                     
Mathematics and Data Modelling: Section one of three: second year module taken by 135 engineering students.
      I adapted and delivered 15 lectures on probability and statistics to give students in the department of              automotive control and systems engineering a firm foundation in the subject. Assessment of this section was by        way of class tests and exams, which I wrote.
Co-supervision of a master’s students dissertation.                                                                        Their project is on the comparison of well-known machine learning algorithms and their accuracy at                    predicting missing data.
Conference Organisation and Outreach
Committee chair for the 41st Research Students’ Conference in Probability and Statistics                                    My roles included: Scheduling, budgeting, database maintenance, invited speakers and accommodation. I                delegated roles to members of the committee. Notable achievements include doubling the attendance of the              previous year and a 50:50 gender ratio.
Local school activities
      I have delivered presentations on mathematics in two local secondary schools. Each of these included a short          presentation followed by a problem session I designed to give pupils a taste of different areas of maths              taught at degree level they may not have encountered yet.
Sheffield Hallam Pop Maths 
      This light hearted annual mathematics competition involves almost 1000 students from the local area.
Ph.D. student outreach
      I organised a half day event which consisted of 14 talks delivered by research students from Sheffield’s              school of mathematics and statistics. The aim of this event was to display our postgraduates work and inform          undergraduates about what a Ph.D. involves. Feedback from students was good across the board even requesting          more events along the same vein.
I was a judge at the 2019 graduate students’ poster showcase.
      This is where 2nd and 3rd year Ph.D. students present a poster to a non-specialised audience.
Undergraduate Research Internship
      Using profit generated from the Research Students’ Conference in Probability and Statistics we decided to fund        four week undergraduate research projects. For this Ph.D. students submitted project applications which were          reviewed by a panel including myself. The best six were allocated funding and advertised to students. The aim        of this scheme was to encourage minority groups to consider postgraduate research as a viable option.
Module recording
      I organised the recording of M.Sc. statistics modules for distance learning students and undergraduate modules        for a student with sight issues. This role included liaising with module leaders, scheduling colleagues,              uploading videos and dealing with issues.
Training Course and Summer Schools
  • 16th-20th July ’18, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, “Sparsity and Dimension, Discrepancy Theory and Applications and the Polynomial Method”.
  • 18th-22nd June ’18, Edinburgh, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
  • 28th–2nd September ‘17, MTA Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary, “Graph Limits, Groups and Stochastic Processes”.
  • 2nd-14th July ‘17, Saint Flour, France, “47th Probability Summer School”.
  • 10th-13th April ‘17, Edinburgh, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, “Special Course on Random Graphs and their Applications”.
  • 4th-8th July ‘16, Lancaster University, Academy for Ph.D. training in Statistics, “Stochastic Processes and Computer Intensive Statistics”.
  • 14th-18th December ‘15, Cambridge University, Academy for Ph.D. training in Statistics, “Statistical Inference and Statistical computing”.
Conferences Attended
  • 24th-27th July ‘18, Sheffield, RSC in Probability and Statistics.
  • 25th-29th June ’18, Edinburgh, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, “Stochastic Networks 2018”.
  • 21st-1st June ‘18, Iowa State University, Ames, United States of America, “Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics”.
  • 9th-13th April ‘18, Sheffield, Easter Probability Meeting.
  • 4th-6th April ‘18, Bristol, Probability, Analysis and Dynamics Conference.
  • 18th-22nd September ‘17, Warwick, Conference on Extremal Combinatorics.
  • 14th-15th September ‘17, Bristol, Heilbronn Annual Conference.
  • 13th-15th June ‘17, Sheffield, Conference on Interacting Systems and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations.
  • 24th May ‘17, Oxford University, Oxford Combinatorics Meeting.
  • 25th April ‘17, King’s College, Workshop on Random Graphs and Processes.
  • 14th-17th April ‘17, Durham, RSC in Probability and Statistics.
  • 15th-16th September ‘16, Bristol, Heilbronn Annual Conference.
  • 14th-17th June ‘16, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, RSC in Probability and Statistics.
  • 4th-8th April ‘16, Lancaster University, Easter Probability Meeting.
  • September ‘15-’19, Universities of Leeds, York, Sheffield, Durham and Edinburgh, Probability in the North East (PiNE) seminar series. 
Invited Talks
  • Jan ‘19, Koln, Germany, probability group seminar series, “Preferential attachment networks with location”.
Contributed Talks
  • Feb ’19, Sheffield, UK, Postgraduate research outreach, “Preferential attachment and other related random networks”.
  • July ‘18, Sheffield, Research Students Conference in Probability and Statistics “Coexistence in preferential attachment graphs with locations”.
  • June ‘18, ICMS, Stochastic Networks 2018, poster titled “Preferential attachment with location based choice”.
  • April ‘18, Sheffield, Research Students Seminar.
  • April ‘18, Poster Showcase, title: “Linear growth of followers in social networks”.
  • April ‘18, Easter Probability Meeting, poster titled “Preferential attachment with location based choice”.
  • January ‘18, Mirfield Free Grammar school, “Mathematics at university”, talks to A-Level students.
  • September ‘17, Warwick, Extremal Combinatorics, “Preferential attachment with weighted choice”.
  • July ‘17, St Flour, France, 47th Probability Summer School, “Preferential attachment Models with location based fitness”.
  • April ‘17, Durham, Research Students Conference in Probability and Statistics, “Preferential attachment models with location based fitness”.
  • March ‘17, Sheffield, Research Students Seminar, “Preferential attachment with location based fitness”.
  • January ‘17, Sheffield, Tapton Sixth Form College, “What does research in Random Graphs involve?”
  • January ‘17, Sheffield, Probability in the North East (PiNE), “Generalised model of attachment with location”.
  • August ’16, Probability and Statistics Students Seminar, “Random Graphs and Ramsey Theory”.
  • June ‘16, Dublin, Research Students Conference in Probability and Statistics, “The use of two dimensional stochastic approximation equations on preferential attachment graphs with fitness based on median choice”.
  • September ‘16-’19, Sheffield, Probability reading group.
Computer Packages
  • Excel, Word & PowerPoint.
  • MatLab.
  • Maple.
  • R.
  • LaTeX.
  • Rapidminer.
  • SPSS.

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